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Terms & Conditions


All our prices are in Euro. Sound Quality reserve the right to change any of those prices at any stage. However, if a price change is necessary, you will be charged at the quoted rate at the time of ordering. When the need arises we will round off our prices to two decimal points.Prices
Sound Quality accepts the following debit or credit cards: Laser, Visa, or Mastercard. All purchases made by card will be subjected to validation and credit checks. No charges will be made to your card prior to your instruction. 

No item can be returned, refunded or changed once it has been printed. Each customer will however be proofed before printing and each proof will need to be approved by the customer before printing commences.
So that we may identify unauthorised attempts to cause any damage or upload or change any information, we will ensure that Sound Quality will be secure and available to all our customers. However it is strictly prohibited to try to upload or change any information included in our Website.
Online Store Legal Notices
All content and software in this website, including our logo, graphics, text and pictures, remains the property of Sound Quality and is exclusive to us as we remain under the legal protection of copyright and all other information or intellectual property.
Use of Site
It is permitted to peruse, browse and purchase from this site. It is illegal to reproduce, modify, transmit, display, distribute, duplicate, sell or resell any or all of the content of this website unless we at Sound Quality expressly allows same. We uphold the right to refuse access to our Website or to cancel any orders made, at our own discretion, especially if we notice any behaviour that violates the above laws.
Limitation of Liability and Disclaimer
Sound Quality will, within our power, ensure that the site remains constantly in operation. However, we cannot promise that there will be no delays, mistakes or breakdown of service because of the very nature of the Internet. We ensure within our powers and within reason that all information on Sound Quality is correct. We will not imply or expressly guarantee the accuracy of this information except for what is set out in our Terms & Conditions. Because we cannot promise to be free of all faults or that all information is correct, Sound Quality accepts no responsibility or liability for any loss or damage directly or indirectly caused to you, or for any special, direct/indirect, incidental or consequential loss inclusive of any loss in profits that arise due to using our Website or our information. Neither can we accept liability for any errors, omissions of information, any inaccuracy, interruption or delay in Web connection. On entering our Website, you will be agreeable to hold Sound Quality and its agents without harm against damage, loss, liability, legal fees/ costs, actual or threatened proceedings and claims occurring to you or any third party while using this site.
Governing Law
The laws of Republic of Ireland govern these laws and you will be agreeable for Sound Quality's benefit (without prejudice to our rights) to take proceedings regarding these Terms & Conditions before any court, that Irish Courts will have jurisdiction to hear, and determine any proceedings that arise out of these Terms & Conditions of use and therefore you submit to the jurisdiction of these courts irrevocably. On the determination to the invalidity of any of these Terms & Conditions the invalid or unenforceable proviso will be replaced by one that is valid and also enforceable which will match as closely as possible the original. Then the continued Terms & Conditions shall remain effective. The Term & Conditions become the complete agreement between you and Sound Quality for the use of the online store at Sound Quality, Flemings Dept. Store, Monaghan, Ireland, and these supersede all other communications.

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