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Simone Walsh - A taste of Ireland past & present. 
Each ‘Tea Towel’ depicts a scene reminiscent of 
rich Irish culture, traditions and vibrant town/country 
scenes of life throughout Ireland. Made from
high-quality fabric, this tea towel is not only practical
for drying dishes, but also adds a touch of Irish charm 
to any kitchen.
Simone finds inspiration from her surroundings 
and childhood memories, to create wondrous, 
vibrant and uplifting masterpieces.  Her artwork 
portrays the lives and surroundings of everyday 
Irish life, people and scenery.  Look closely to spot 
some special and quirky details that Simone 
incorporates into each of her paintings to bring you 
back to that special memory from the past.
The perfect Irish gift of nostalgic themes for one to 
reflect and reminisce upon, evoking warm memories 
of days gone by! Give the gift of Irish pride and
functionality with our delightful Tea Towel print from the 
popular Irish Artist - Simone Walsh.

Simone Walsh Art Collection- Tea Towel

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