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Small Top Zip Purse With Irish Wildflowers

Small Top Zip Purse With Irish Wildflowers

  • Width: 11cm
  • Height: 8cm

Cash, coins, cards and there's still room for more! This little Tinnakeenly purse with a top zippered compartment can handle it all and look great doing it. The Painting on the front of 'Irish Wild flowers' was done by Jenny Trigwell, a local artist from Kilkenny city. She has captured perfectly the vibrant colours of the Irish Spring flowers that you can find growing along our narrow country roads.

Gentians, Fuschia, Irises, Foxgloves, clover, vetch and lovely primroses.

This print will never fade and can be scrubbed clean with a nail brush and soap. Dry at room temperature so as not to dry out the genuine leather on the back.